Best Candidate for Rhinoplasty

22 September 2016
Rhinoplasty admin
Best Candidate for Rhinoplasty

Best Candidate for Rhinoplasty

When we look in the mirror, we feel good when we like what we see. But if there is one part in our face that we don’t like, even if everything else is fine, it makes us hate the way we look. The one thing that most people are not happy about and want to change is the nose. Some may feel their nose is large, asymmetrical or crooked. This has led many people to consider rhinoplasty.

One of the concerns about rhinoplasty is getting a bad nose job, since people want to look better with rhinoplasty, not worse. In addition, they prefer the improvement to be subtle and not evident. People who are the best candidates for rhinoplasty will get the best results.

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

A good candidate is the one who considers rhinoplasty knowing what it involves and having a realistic view of the final result. Furthermore, he trusts his doctor’s experience and instructions and ignores other’s advice. If you meet this criteria and your doctor also agrees that you need the surgery, you are likely a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

Age considerations

The earliest that rhinoplasty can be performed is 16 for women and 18 for men. At this age, the nose has finished developing. If the surgery is done before this age, it can affect the facial development.

Medical Considerations

Prior to surgery, being psychologically healthy is as important as being physically healthy. A good candidate for rhinoplasty is someone who undergoes a rhinoplasty surgery just to improve his appearance and self-confidence and only for his own sake. If a person wants to have the surgery to convince friends or loved ones or classmates, he is not a good candidate for the surgery.

Other surgeries

Sometimes adjusting one part may result in an overall facial imbalance. It is possible for a person who undergoes cosmetic rhinoplasty, to require other surgeries to readjust the balance and harmony. For example, chin prosthesis can be performed along with rhinoplasty.

Performing rhinoplasty at the same time as chin augmentation surgery costs less than two separate surgeries. Combining multiple procedures in one surgery session is getting more popular day by day, and patients cooperate with their doctors to have a more comprehensive treatment plan. A qualified surgeon can help you save time and money by combining rhinoplasty with other surgeries.